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We’ve enjoyed such a beautiful season of being a virtual church, Rhiza Anywhere. Our reach has far exceeded our dreams and imagination. That said, we’re excited to announce our second campus launching this fall!! Our second campus is an in-person weekly gathering in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
But like anything big that God asks us to do… He doesn’t ask us to do it alone. He wants to use YOU. Your family. Your gifting. Your heart to serve and care for others. If you are interested in learning more and potentially being a part of the team then please join us at the beautiful Cahoots Cafe located in the heart of Ann Arbor for our weekly in person launch team meetings through the summer and leading up to our launch.
We’ll be diving into our mission, vision and values. As well as getting trained up to serve on the Rhiza teams. Drinks and snacks as well as childcare provided. You must register to attend.
Can’t wait to see you as you join us help others get rooted in God‘s love. Growing together is better!
Thursday Night's
6:30 - 8pm
Cahoots Cafe
206 E Huron St
Ann Arbor, MI 48104